Privacy Policy

Easy Transformation


Trans Easy acts under legal terms respecting all norms and laws derived from the privacy of all the information that can be provided on the official website of this institute, the institution assures all its participants that whatever information it possesses of its Students, this will only be seen by authorized people within it and will be used only for academic purposes.

        If you have any doubt regarding all the processes that are carried out internally in the institute, they are ready for all, various communication channels so that they can contact this, either by telephone or by email. In this way you will dispel any doubt you have about it and thus you can satisfactorily complete the registration process.

        The Trans Easy Institute will not handle personal information about your bank accounts or other related information, you will only have access to information about whether your payment was made by the system or if, on the contrary, it is still pending to be made, this way, it ensures that the data that has been provided by the participant will not be used for other transactions.

        The authorization of the payment of any of the registrations will be made only by the participant, the institution will not participate in any way in the billing of the same, for this reason it is important that the updated information regarding each of the payments is handled.

        Only those people who have completed the registration process will have access to the complete curriculum, so they will be able to handle all the information pertinent to the academic content and also to the GATE test models that are available on the official Trans Easy website. . If you have not yet paid fee or if you have not subscribed to any of the programs that Trans Easy has for all of users, you will have limited access to the website, that is, you will not be able to see all the program information.

        The institution is not responsible for the provision of erroneous data, i.e., that the authenticity and accuracy of the data will depend on the participant, if at the time of any awkward situations during the period of the program the user will not provide the correct data, the institution you will not be able to modify them. For this reason it is very important that you carefully read all the information requested in the form so that you do not present any error at the time of generating the forms.

        The institution is not responsible for the rejection of the applications if the applicants do not meet the specified standards at the time of completing the application, they will be rejected immediately, and you will be informed of this only when you enter in the official website, compliance with all requirements is mandatory for the application to be successful.

        If any of the candidates for various reasons wishes to withdraw from the program, the Trans Easy institution will be responsible for removing all data related to the applicant from the system. If there is any internal policy or regulation about the preservation of data information of all participants of previous or current programs, applicants who have already registered and plan to retire should accept this policy as they accepted all the terms and conditions when completing your application process.