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In order to participate in any of the programs offered by Trans Easy, it is important to bear in mind that each of these has a cost, that is, the program is not free and the cancellation of enrollment is crucial for the start of the development process of the study techniques offered to the participants.

        Trans Easy is not responsible for the payments made to the institution once the registration has been formalized, that is, if the admission process has already been completed and for any eventuality the student is forced to withdraw, the institution does not reimburse the payment corresponding to the registration previously canceled.

        The withdrawal of the participant will be done under their own responsibility, since the company has already selected it as a student and has included it in each of the processes that result from its registration. If for some reason you are already enrolled, and you have started participating in the courses and must withdraw, it is important to note that Trans Easy will not refund all or part of the money already paid for the cost of registration.


        It is important to note that when a user is removed, the others remain in their study places and therefore the classes will continue. The reimbursement of money is an issue that for many is not easy to understand, however it is understood that for different reasons some students must withdraw, even though the institution does not return the money under any circumstances.

Cancellation and locking fund by Trans Easy : 

 When an institution accepts a student's participation in its curricula, it invests a completely necessary amount of resources to ensure that the education and content that is taught in its classrooms is the best and most suitable for all students so the fee for Online services is non refundable & admission will be cancelled  in case of partial informations and doubtfull situations from students without any refund .You have access only for getting coaching in case of fair and transparrent communication with admin. To stop  wrong use and unathorized circulation of our study aterial  by competitors you should have to provide your college current Identity proof during verification otherwise you will be stopped for using our online course materaial without any amount of refund and if requires all legal action can be initiated  in prayagraj (U.P) jurisdiction only . In the case of disputes for not sharing self attested photo copy of college id proof via mail ( thereafter admission cancellation and locking your fund , you have no right to use social media like facebook , instagram , you tube or through any other way  for misguiding others students while explaining thes issues except raising these issues in Prayagraj judiciary otherwise additional penalty for damaging Trans Easy will be chargeable .

        If you have any questions regarding this issue, you can contact any of the channels arranged by the institution to contact it, however, it must be remembered that whatever the reason Trans Easy will not make any refund of tuition payments of any of the study plans .

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TransEasy is founded by Er. R.K. Yadav at Allahabad. It has been ranked as the best institute in India providing coaching & training for GATE Agricultural Engineering (AG) & GATE Engineering Science (XE)



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